18×24 cm
48 pages
Offset print
Hardcover, clothbound
Edition of 300
Published by Galleberg Forlag, 2013
ISBN 978-82-932-3303-9

Read full text based work «Phantom Hills at Lancaster Sound» here.

The narrative text based work «Phantom Hills at Lancaster Sound» tells the story of a failed British naval expedition of 1818 led by 
Sir Captain Ross. Captain Ross set out to locate the mythical and sought after Northwest Passage, but failed when he headed back to England after seeing what he believed to be a mountain ridge where the actual opening of the passage is located. The mountains were later proven to be a Fata Morgana or a Mirage, an optical phenomenon common in cold waters during periods of midnight sun.

The photographs are object studies of antique Bohemian crystal prisms and copper plates. The prisms are scientific tools constructed to refract light, and separate its constituent spectral wave lengths, and historically prism dispersion has played an important role in understanding the nature of light. The prism also served as a repeated subject for Czech pictorialist-turned-modernist photographer Josef Sudek (1896 - 1976).

With the story of the Captain Ross and the mirage as a point of departure, the photographs and text based work aims to explore the materiality of light, refraction and reflection, representation and interpretation and the interplay between the concrete and non-figurative.
Generously supported by Arts Council Norway and Norwegian Photography Fund
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